Review : Audeze Sine

Posted on 23 May 2016

Audeze Sine headphones reviewed on by Dave

Conclusion : 

This is the SINE, the latest planar magnetic offering from Audeze.  This model is unique in that it is the first planar ON-ear model.  Up to this point, they have all been over-ear headphones.  I also want to take a second here, and mention that I am happy to see what I hope continues to be the trend with headphone manufactures like Audeze and Hifiman.  Although they continue to make cans that are getting more and more expensive, they are also making headphones that stretch into a more “budget” direction.  The SINE is a great example of this, being a headphone that looks and feels incredible solid, all the while being considerably less expensive than anything else in their lineup.Audeze has delivered an audiophile, on-ear headphone at a price that doesn’t completely break the bank.  Even taking away the on-ear status, this thing is still a very solid performing headphone at the price point. 

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