Review : Chord Hugo

Posted on 28 April 2015

Chord Hugo headphone amp/dac reviewed on by Lieven

Conclusion : 
The Hugo is a portable DAC/Amp unit with desktop quality. It sounds really good and it is one of the better portable setups I have listened to. Most headphones and earphones will sound very good on the Hugo and you can even use it at home in combination with your desktop amp.

I myself have been using the Hugo at home, on the train and in my office. The Jacket is the ideal solution for those planning on using the Hugo everywhere like I am doing now. The only problem I have is I tend to forget the wall charger all the time so I end up with a dead battery. Yes, I’m still using the Hugo and the one month trial period is long over. I was enjoying the Hugo too much to let it go, so I decided to take it over from Chord. With an extra wall charger.

In all seriousness I can really see people buying the Chord Hugo as an end setup. Sure it isn’t cheap but it’s got a desktop quality sound and you’ll be able to listen to it anywhere you want. It’s extra interesting if you already have a CLAS SOLO or DAP with optical or coaxial out, and it doesn’t need to be an expensive DAP either. Sure some people might not like the sound signature and others will find it too expensive for what it is. My advice is to try it before you buy it and to decide for yourself. The Hugo had me quickly convinced.

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