Review : Violectric V281

Posted on 10 February 2015

Violectric V281 headphone amp reviewed on by Lieven 

Conclusion : 
If you’re looking for a top class solid state amplifier that offers dual Single Ended headphone outs and one 4 pin XLR Balanced out, this could be just the amp for you. But there’s more: there’s an optional remote control and the V281 can serve as a pre-amp too. It maybe isn’t the most elegant looking piece of hardware like the V200 was, but once you’ve listened to the superb balanced out, you’ll be hooked. I’m even changing my non balanced headphones to balanced ones. Do I need to say more?

Another advantage, besides excellent sound, is that the V281 can drive most of the headphones on the market and that Violectric offers 5 years of warranty on all their devices. That means they stand behind their products and to me that is worth a lot.

I don’t often buy reviewed gear I like, I’d be bankrupt if I did, but as said in the beginning: the V281 is not leaving my house again. It’s not cheap, I agree, but quality comes at a price. I for one am willing to pay this price for the superb build and sound quality I’m getting in return from the balanced out. This amp surely gets my recommendation and if I had a wall of fame, I’d put it on there immediately.

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