Review : Violectric V850

Posted on 15 March 2016

Violectric V850 DAC reviewed on by Lieven 

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Conclusion : 
The V850 is a higher-end DAC, and has a optional Motor RC. I have enjoyed every bit of the V850 and I feel this DAC has a more than correct price. In exchange you get a very good, musical sound with a good level of detail and depth with a presentation that is hard not to like.

Overall I mostly enjoyed the V850 in combination with the V281 and other solid state amplifiers. The V850 also did well in combination with my smooth OTL amplifiers but the synergy wasn’t as special as with the V281, except for with my Glenn2359 300B amp. I also have a feeling this would have been a perfect DAC for the WA2, which I unfortunately no longer have in my possession.

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