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Posted on 28 June 2020

BELHiFi - FM ACOUSTICS Official dealer!

Hi everybody! We have some great news to tell you!

BELHiFi is proud to announce our exclusive partnership with one of the most legendary brands in the hifi world:
FM ACOUSTICS of Switzerland!

For those of you who have always dreamed of owning to the ultimate audiophile equipment.
For those of you who aren’t afraid of indulging you with the best money can buy.
For those of you who are willing to make a statement, FM ACOUSTICS tics all the boxes!

fm acoustics belhifi

FM ACOUSTICS' products are crafted for real professionals and seasoned listeners who recognize a treasure when they hear one. Engineers, musicians and producers who need optimal monitoring to hear into the recording and listeners who - instead of the usual "high-end effect music" - want to re-live great performances are thrilled by the unique realism that is achieved with these products.

FM ACOUSTICS has quietly become a synonym for the absolute best. World renown artists, producers, engineers, studios, concert halls, collectors and private music enthusiasts are praising FM ACOUSTICS' products as the ultimate reference for recording, monitoring, mastering and for music enjoyment at home.

fm acoustics belhifi brussels

FM ACOUSTICS was founded in May 1973 by the young Manuel Huber. Specializing in R&D, acoustic and vibration analyses the small lab was hired for consultancy work by a variety of clients.

Holder of a number of patents, Manuel Huber's FM ACOUSTICS introduced the first non-resonant horn (later copied by world renown manufacturers).

This was followed by a unique forced air-cooled bass driver, the development of rear plate air venting and the 'in-gap' cooling of voice coils followed by the first high-efficiency ultra-compact multi-way speaker (later copied by several pro manufacturers).

Over the years FM ACOUSTICS developed a number of specific technologies and unorthodox solutions that set world standards.

FM ACOUSTICS products are like mythical unicorns and definitely not available anywhere or in large numbers. We will only organize listening sessions (appointment only) for serious buyers.

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