Leben C300F and C300XS on demo at BELHiFi

Posted on 11 August 2018

Leben C300F & C300XS on demo at the shop !

These two 'brothers' are absolutely amazing !

Like in every family having a big brother and a little brother, you might expect a different character or personality between them!

But remember, both of them have the same roots !

And as in many families, in this one also, big brother usually takes care of junior…

As expected, the older sibling isn't necessarily better than the younger sibling, but as you might expect, the stronger one is the one with the bigger muscles !

But since they have the same genes, both of them have the same spirit, the same generosity !

By all means, find out by yourselves. Come and pay us a visit and find out why the musicality of these Leben amplifiers have become legendary or buy them directly on our webshop : https://belhifi.com/collections/all/leben

Leben C300F - Leben C300XS

Leben C300F - Leben C300XS

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