REVIEW : APL DSD-AR DAC by Hifi Advice

Posted on 13 May 2020

REVIEW : APL DSD-AR DAC by Hifi Advice

Still haven't tested or heard this ultimate killer DAC? Or simply don't know (shame on you) the brand APL yet?

Find out why we gave the APL DSD-AR DAC a BELHiFi Award and read this Hifi Advise review by Christiaan Punter :

Buy the APL DSD-AR here:

The DSD-AR offers highly agile, wide-open, hyper-detailed, super airy and ultra-transparent sound with great dynamics. There is no overt richness or softness, no rounding or added warmth whatsoever, but at the same time, its delivery is not at all clinical. While resolving the heck out of everything you play with retina-like resolution and lightning-fast transients, the DSD-AR simultaneously has an almost subconscious easy-going aspect, a certain organic quality that makes for highly lyrical music-making and an immediate emotional involvement that makes one forget about all the technical details. At a more than reasonable cost, the DSD-AR is my new reference in the “still attainable” class.


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