Posted on 10 September 2016

Tarim Audio Floodhouse Reviewed on 6 Moons by Joël Chevassus

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Conclusion:  The Tarim Audio Flood House set is something very special. This 4-box Latvian gem offers a very unique design, is built to high standards, has a strong character and stands completely apart from the broad collection of standardized me-too amplifiers. Tarim Audio gives you obviously more, undoubtedly also for an elevated price but in line with build quality and sonic performance. Thus I think this gear will meet the expectations of audiophiles who look for something different that is versatile with huge dynamic range and which doesn't belong to any particular category of sound. Indeed, the Tarim Audio doesn't sound British, American, French or even 'hifi'. Perhaps this absence of standardisation makes it so appealing since when you are listening to live music, you never wonder whether it sounds British, Swiss or American. No, it sounds as it does. Ditto the Flood House electronics. For that alone, they are a must audition.

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