REVIEW : Zesto Audio Andros 1.2 by Positive Feedback

Posted on 09 August 2017

Zesto Audio Andros 1.2 reviewed by Mark Pearson from Positive Feedback

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Zesto Andros 1.2

Conclusion : 

I have had lots of phono sections in my system(s) over the years, but I have never had one this good or this quiet. I realize that I have not had the privilege of having the mega-buck phono sections in my system, but there is no doubt this is the finest phono preamp I have ever had the pleasure of listening to in my system. I couldn't stand the thought of hearing my LPs without the Andros 1.2 in my system after spending time with it. Yes, that means I put my money where my mouth is and I bought the review sample.  I don't know what higher praise I can give the Andros 1.2. If the rest of your system is up to the quality of the Andros 1.2, you are in for a treat. The fact that the 1.2 is well made (in the U.S. by the way), beautiful to look at, highly flexible with all of the loading options, gain options, and will accept MM cartridges for those so inclined, I'm stunned you can buy this package for $4,700 and I feel confident you will feel the same way.

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