Review: The "Dark knigth" Rises!

Posted on 16 May 2024

Electrocompaniet ECI6 DX

Please read this wonderful review of the " not dark at all " ECI6 DX Electrocompaniet!

"...I was reminded of editing and processing my digital photographs–there’s a point
where you think the image is perfect and then you make one small adjustment and there it is,
true perfection.
I didn’t know it was missing until I made the change. Electrocompaniet is adding one last ingredient to the mix,
something that made the good even better,
especially in terms with the weight of the presentation and a slightly increased frequency response.
Is that dark? Who cares...."

"...It sounds fantastic, it’s easy to use and set-up, and if I ever decide to go down the all-in-one road I’ll definitely come right back to it...."

May 5, 2024. Marc Phillips.Parttimeaudiophile.

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