VIP at BELHiFi : Domenico Simonetti from Delta Sigma Amplifiers

Posted on 27 April 2017

VIP at BELHiFi - Domenico Simonetti from Delta Sigma : 

This week we've had the honour to receive the Michelangelo of amplifier designers, no one less than Domenico Simonetti, one of the greatest artists of all times when it comes to putting life, soul and musicality into electronics.

Every amplifier made by him is a real piece of art, something that's also understood by real High End car of boat manufacturers (and I'm not talking your average Audi, Mercedes of BMW here, think more in the line of Porsche, Pagani, Ferretti, Azimuth and sorts...) who gladly rely on his knowledge whenever they need some real top of the line audio system inside one of their high octane driven jewels.

As such, every amplifier made by him (according to your preferences or specs is sometimes possible) is the result of weeks, even months, of patiently hand assembling and testing every component used in the production and turning it into a real work of art ! Just have a look at the Delta Sigma Capriccio power amp below and you'll see what I mean...

here's the link to his websites : and

Delta Sigma Domenico Simonetti

Delta Sigma Capriccio

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