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Daniel Hertz Maria 800 Digital Integrated amplifier.

On demo at the shop!

Do you think you've heard it all about high fidelity systems?

Do you think digital amplification is cold sounding, without musicality?

Do you only listen to your vinyl turntable, fleeing the digital world?

Be surprised and come discover this new technology!

Bi maplification version with active crossover.

Thanks to Marc Levinson for offering us this little acoustic revolution in the digital world!
C Wave is a subtle process, not a sound effect or gimmick. Pure analog audio is based on a continuous waveform, digital audio is based on a sampled, non-continuous waveform. The human brain likes continuous waveforms but has a stress reaction to the non-continuous waveform of digital audio. Stress stops emotion and lowers the immune system. C Wave is a finely tuned reverb algorithm that fills in the spaces with original musical information, so the brain responds like to pure analog.

Maria 800 drives the DH bi-amplified speakers M1, M4 and Chiara. The active crossovers  can be programmed to drive any bi-amplified speaker with full control of crossover points, slopes, and levels.  

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Maria 800

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