• 4312G (PAIR)
  • 4312G (PAIR)
  • 4312G (PAIR)
  • 4312G (PAIR)
  • 4312G (PAIR)
  • 4312G (PAIR)
  • 4312G (PAIR)
  • 4312G (PAIR)
  • 4312G (PAIR)
  • 4312G (PAIR)


JBL 4312G (PAIR)

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The new version of those legendary JBL monitors !

The JBL 4312SE is a 3-way, high-performance studio monitor loudspeaker that was developed to honor the 70th Anniversary of the JBL brand.

As a direct descendant of the legendary model 4310/4311 family, the 4312SE maintains the iconic 12-inch (300mm) 3-way design that set the standard for recording monitors in the 1970’s.

In that classic fashion, the 4312SE delivers crisp, powerful bass along with realistic and dynamic highs, even at the highest listening levels.


JBL sound: A heritage of excellence JBL loudspeakers have been the choice of music and movie professionals for more than
70 years; they are behind the screens of more than 50 percent of all movie theaters and hang in concert venues everywhere.
Many of your favorite songs and movie soundtracks were mixed or mastered on JBL studio monitors.
But you don’t have to be a recordingindustry professional to bring JBL sound home.
Our home systems use technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques developed for professional speakers.
JBL 4312SE Loudspeaker The 4312SE honors that legacy with the iconic 12-inch (300mm) 3-way configuration that dates back to 1968 with the original Model 4310 Control Monitor.
Utilizing a compact monitor-type footprint, the 4312SE features advanced JBL transducers including the 1200FE-8 Aqua-Plas®-coated Pure Pulp cone woofer,
the 105H-1 Polymer-coated Pure Pulp cone midrange, and the 054ALMg-1 Aluminum/Magnesium Alloy tweeter with waveguide.
Special 70th Anniversary badges are affixed to the loudspeaker and a unique 70th Anniversary certificate is included with the serial numbers of the individual loudspeakers
and signatures of the system engineer and factory assembly technician.
Following in the footsteps of storied JBL monitors like the L100 and Century Gold, the 4312SE is sure to become a legend among JBL fans.


System Type:3-way Bass-reflex Monitor

Low Frequency Transducer:12-inch (300mm) Aqua-Plas®-coated Pure Pulp cone woofer (1200FE-8)

Mid Frequency Transducer:5-inch (125mm) Polymer-coated Pure Pulp cone midrange (105H-1)

High Frequency Transducer:1-inch (25mm) Magnesium/Aluminum Alloy dome tweeter with waveguide (054ALMg-1)

Recommended Amplifier Power:10-200 Watts RMS

Frequency Response (-6dB):44Hz - 40kHz

Sensitivity (2.83V@1m):90dB

Nominal Impedance:6 Ohm

Crossover Frequencies:640Hz, 5kHz

Enclosure Type:Bass-reflex via Front-firing Port

Inputs:Five-way Binding Posts

Finishes:Black Woodgrain with Black Cloth Grille

Dimensions (H x W x D):23 1/2" x 14-1/4" x 12" (597mm x 362mm x 305mm)

Weight:55.5 lb (25.2 kg) each


4312G (PAIR)

€3,249.00 EUR




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