• AC-6 MC Cartridge


Accuphase AC-6 MC Cartridge

A lot of best technical solutions for a perfect record playing are made by Accuphase to reach the top!

Top finish for a top result!

Definition, focus, deep and controlled bass, wide soundstage and natural feeling are at the "rendez-vous"!

The AC-6 is a new addition to the highly acclaimed Accuphase lineup of phono cartridges.
This MC cartridge features latest technology in terms of materials and construction.
The semi line contact stylus extracts minute vibrations that are transmitted instantaneously to the magnetic circuit
by the boron cantilever with high propagation speed.
The magnetic circuit is mounted on a strong titanium base, ensuring accurate conversion into a music signal.
Every single aspect of the cartridge has been finely honed to deliver optimum performance,
ushering the listener into the wonderful world of analog records.

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AC-6 MC Cartridge




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