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Acoustical Systems Arché - the true SRA Headshell : 


Available in normal, ligth and ultra light weight version.
Allow us to introduce to you the arché-headshell - the true audiophile headshell design which sets an all new standard in versatility and sound quality. This new audiophile headshell will allow you to hear the sound really engraved in your records.
 It's unique technical features and solutions are all for only one purpose:
  • to bring to your ears and senses the utmost musical experience in the best possible sonics.

 Experience what a headshell can really do for the sound of an analog front-end.

When you listen for maybe the first time to a perfect SRA-aligned audiophile cartridge in a headshell which does preserve all the tiny details and transfers every nuance of energy extracted from the stylus to really reach the phono stage and opens up the full musical spell which was recorded.
The arché headshell is the best link you will find between your cartridge and your tonearm.

Your cartridge will love the arché - because it will bring out the very best in it and allows it to shine in a way like never before - and so will you.


  • The versatile high-end headshell : right on the sport adjustments : overhang, azimuth, offset and SRA/VTA - right on the spot
  • The Arché is made from super hardened and triple-tempered, then stress-relieved, German origin AP7075 airframe-grade ultra high density aluminum allay and Grade 2 Titan pipes. The special routine and procedure in which the major parts of the Arché are assembled and bound together provide an extremely effective dampening of the whole body. This also results in a desired resonance-free body of unparalleled energy transfer speed and thus preserving the tiniest detail extracted by the stylus of the cartridge.

Acoustical Systems


€620.00 EUR




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