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The DSD-Master Reference is our top-line Digital to Analog converter, specifically made for the most enthusiastic audiophiles who prefer true analog sound, comparable to state of the art vinyl.
It is an all-hand-made boutique, designed and built with the best possible audio quality in mind, cost-no-object.
Inspired by reference vinyl sound quality, the DSD-MR pleases with a very natural sonic character that is truly unique.
It represents the culmination of our 25 years digital and analog design experience, as well as component selection knowledge.
From the quadruple DSD processing rate, to the differential Class-A tube output stage, the DSD-MR proves technology and refinement of the highest level.

The DSD-MR is based on a modular design, allowing a cost-effective future upgradability of any internal stage.


Digital Processing
  • Proprietary asynchronous USB input module accepting PCM from 44.1kHz/16bit up to 384kHz/32 bit, as well as DSD64 and DSD128.
  • Proprietary PCM to DSD converter module with DSD128 and DSD256 capabilities, user selectable from the remote control.
  • Proprietary 64 bit User Selectable Digital Filters for PCM processing - Slow, Normal and Zero/Non-oversampling.  
  • Proprietary Pure DSD Digital to Analog conversion module. No off-the-shelf devices.
  • Ultra-low-jitter Femto Master Clocks.
  • Proprietary 10 pin RJ-45 input for connecting our DTR-MR transport.
Analog Output Stage
  • Custom Lundahl output transformers with Oxygen Free Copper windings.
  • Pure Class-A, Differential tube stage featuring the vintage E182CC tubes.
  • Entirely passive current to voltage conversion and DSD analog filtering.
  • Zero Negative Feedback.
  • Non-magnetic resistors.
  • No capacitors on the signal path.
  • No Op Amps.
  • No mechanical contacts on the signal path.
  • Solid core Oxygen Free Copper internal wiring.
Power Supply
  • Oversized Custom P-Core balanced main power transformer.
  • Optically controlled, mechanical-contacts-free devices for main power switching control.
  • Delayed High-Voltage supply, after tubes warm-up, for increased tubes life.
  • High quality Lundahl choke for tube power supply.
  • High grade, specially selected rectifiers and passive components.
Convenience and mechanical
  • Large FLD display.
  • Microprocessor control with last settings memory.
  • Infrared Remote milled from solid Aluminum blocks.
  • All-Aluminum enclosure with machined 20 millimeters thick front panel.

Five years warranty. One year for the tubes.


Digital Inputs
  • Two S/PDIF Coaxial digital inputs with WBT NextGen true 75 Ohms Gold plated RCA connectors.
  • AES/EBU professional standard balanced digital input with Gold plated Neutrik connector.
  • Note! S/PDIF and AES/EBU accepting up to 192kHz/24bit PCM.
  • TOSLINK Optical digital input. 
  • USB input accepting PCM from 44.1kHz to 384kHz as well as DSD64 and DSD128 in DoP format.
  • Note! All PCM rates from S/PDIF, AES/EBU, Optical and USB inputs are converted to DSD128 or DSD256, user selectable.
  • DTR input uses proprietary encrypted DSD, as well as PCM via balanced LVDS transmission, similar to I2S. 
Analog Outputs
  • Single Ended RCA outputs with top-line Furutech Rhodium plated RCA connectors.
  • Balanced XLR outputs with top-line Furutech Rhodium plated connectors. 
  • Note! RCA and XLR outputs can not be used simultaneously.
  • Output level - 2.3V RMS at 0dBFS.
  • Output impedance - approximately 20 Ohms.
Power input and fuses
  • IEC power inlet made by Furutech NCF series.
  • 115V or 230V / 50-60Hz, factory pre-set.
  • Other power input voltages available on request.
  • 1A fuse for standby power supply.
  • 2A special Gold fuse by AMR for main power supply.
Dimensions and weight
  • W450 x H120 x D380 millimeters.
  • Height with feet included - 140 millimeters.
  • Weight - 24.5kg unpacked.
Included Accessories
  • Special power cable of our design.
  • Infrared Remote Control capable of controlling DTR-MR, DSD-MR and HAS-MR.
  • User Manual.


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