• C 316BEE V2 integrated amplifier
  • C 316BEE V2 integrated amplifier
  • C 316BEE V2 integrated amplifier


NAD C 316BEE integrated amplifier

While the C 316BEE V2 has everything necessary for musical enjoyment,
it is refreshingly limited to the essentials: six inputs, one set of speakers,
a headphone jack, and full function remote control.
It has a compact size and a handsome yet understated exterior. It is essential NAD.
While its bells and whistles may not be as extensive as our more expensive offerings,
the C 316V2 is far from a “stripped down” product.
With five line level inputs, an MM Phono Input, full IR remote control,
defeatable tone controls and a front panel input for a phone or tablet,
the C 316V2 is fully equipped to be the control center for a high performance music system.

Continuous power is a conservative 40 watts, and dynamic power (more important for music listening) is impressively more than 100 watts!
This is far more usable power on tap than other amplifiers at this price,
and this power is available across the entire audible band at a class leading 0.03%.
The sonic result of this high technology is a relaxed and inviting sound that digs out the subtle details in your favourite recordings
and presents them across a panoramic stereo sound stage. The impressive dynamic power reserves make the C 316BEE V2 sound both articulate and alive.
The silent background and low distortion gives a sense of solidity and presence to your music and brings out the best your loudspeakers have to offer

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C 316BEE V2 integrated amplifier

€499.00 EUR




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