• Capriccio LE
  • Capriccio LE
  • Capriccio LE
  • Capriccio LE


Delta Sigma Capriccio Power Amp 2 x 120W  8Ohms Limited Edition : 

On demo at the shop!
This Italian gem combines an incredible design with an outstanding musicality! This power amp will make your speakers sing as they have never done before. Hurry Up, Delta Sigma will only make 50 pieces of the Capriccio Power Amp!!!! Pre-order it here !
It has dual mono construction
120W on 8Ohm, minimum load 1 Ohm
Maximum power for Channel 300W, 6W in class A
All circuit is done with discrete components, no smd, no operational and no processor
Transformers adopt Oriented Grains structure to have less vibration and more dynamic, about 50.000 microfarad of power capacity for channel
Cabled with copper/silver and copper/rhodium cables
Chassis and transformers are handmade in Italy and it is hand built in Italy!

Delta Sigma

Capriccio LE

€2,875.00 EUR




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