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Odeon-Audio Carnegie (PAIR)

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These "not so big" speakers top of the range are made for those who wants realistic and relax sound character.
Efotless dynamics, natural instrument reproduction and micro details will help to enjoy your favorite music.

You can choose the finish you like, horns color and wood veneer!!!!

State of the Art: The ODEON AUDIO Carnegie shows what is possible as a speaker using spherical wave horns.
With an enormously high efficiency of 97db, the speaker can be driven by any high-quality amplifier concept.
Even low-power triodes (like 300B and 2A3) drive this speaker with ease and produce a controlled and intense bass response.
The Carnegie turns music listening into a live event:
opening up the listening environment where voices and instruments can be experienced in lifelike sizes.
The listener forgets the loudspeaker and merges with the music.

General specifications:
Dimensions: 155cm (H) x 76cm (W) x 79cm (D) /115Kg
Frequency Range: 26-29.000hz
Sensitivity: 97db / 8 Ohms
X-over: 420 / 2.200hz

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Carnegie (PAIR)

€97,500.00 EUR




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