• Chrome Series - Self-Adhesive


Soundcare Chrome Series - Self-Adhesive : 

The standard Soundcare SuperSpike is proven to be extremely effective on all Hi-Fi equipments. Soundcare SuperSpike is a low cost upgrade that will make a major difference to the sound quality of any system. The Standard SuperSpike is made in shiny and black finish.

What are Soundcare SuperSpikes?
The Soundcare SuperSpike is an all in one spike foot. This unique construction eliminates the most common problem experienced when using a conventional spike: damaged surfaces. The construction is based on a high quality spike fitted with a custom designed base plate, all integrated in a plastic housing. This allows the user to move the equippment without making scratches and scars to the surface.

Why use Soundcare SuperSpikes?

When the weight of your Hi-Fi equipment is concentrated onto a small area, the weight per square unit area increases enormously, providing better contact with the surface on which the unit stands. This results in an overall improved sound stage and increased control in the lower frequency register. Soundcare SuperSpikes reduce disturbing vibrations and prevent low frequency noise from transmitting to other rooms. A Soundcare SuperSpike loaded with a weight of 12.5 kg produces a pressure of more than 6,200 kg pr. sq. cm !

The Soundcare SuperSpike is not just another spike!
To achieve the best overall soundstage, lowest distortion level and best low frequency control possible, a unique combination of materials has been selected during several listening tests and measurements. Soundcare SuperSpikes have been tested by an independent test panel of music lovers, audiophiles, musicians and engineers with stunning results. The improvement of the overall soundstage is outstanding. Soundcare SuperSpikes have also proven to be extremely effective on CD players, pre-, power- and integrated amplifiers and of course turntables. Soundcare SuperSpike is a low-cost upgrade that will make a major difference to the sound quality of any system. For all types of equipment!


Chrome Series - Self-Adhesive

€55.00 EUR

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