• Courbet N°8 (PAIR)
  • Courbet N°8 (PAIR)
  • Courbet N°8 (PAIR)
  • Courbet N°8 (PAIR)
  • Courbet N°8 (PAIR)
  • Courbet N°8 (PAIR)
  • Courbet N°8 (PAIR)


Davis Acoustics Courbet N°8 (PAIR)

On demo at the shop!

BELHiFi Award!

New features:

  • The All new double decompression fabric dome tweeter
  • The olympia one master medium speaker ( Diapason d'or 2016 )
  • A very fast and very defined 21cm "carbon" speaker; designed specifically.

A real Floorstanding loudspeaker with the sound of big one's!!!
They provide space, definition in all frequencies, and surprising bass level for the size!
The achievement in HIFI...
The latest addition to the Courbet range,
this revolutionary speaker will please you with its many qualities.
Ideal for big rooms, it has been developed by integrating all the strong markers of the range,
to obtain the sound of a larger floor standing speaker.
The engineering work allows to obtain a very linear sensitivity curve,
this is how the speaker completely disappears in favor of music.
You will be seduced by the subtlety of the sound message. No frequency is put forward.
This neutrality allows you to hear all the details of the recording,

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Davis Acoustics

Courbet N°8 (PAIR)

€6,000.00 EUR




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