• Dionysos MkII
  • Dionysos MkII
  • Dionysos MkII


Tsakiridis Dionysos

On demo at the shop!

The comparison tool to help you to listen to differences between sources, speakers and amplifiers!!!

Remote controled!

Good quality.

Dionysos is a device that can be used as a passive preamplifier but mainly it is a tester device.
Dionysos provides two line inputs,
one with blue Alps volume control and one line output on one side.
So you can connect two music sources, and level them with the volume control.
The line output is connected to the power amplifier
and now we can compare sonically the two music sources.

At the other side you can connect two amplifiers to
a pair of speakers or two pairs of speakers and one power amplifier.
In this way, you put to a sonic test the amplifiers or the speakers.
You can do and a blind test.
Or you can leave the tests aside and just connect all this equipment
and select each time what combination you want to listen to.

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