• ECI-6 MKII
  • ECI-6 MKII
  • ECI-6 MKII


Electrocompaniet ECI 6 MKII integrated amplifier:

On demo at the shop!

If music really matters...
Everything is resumed.
A musical star in the world of musical amplifiers.
Crazy performance at this price !
Belhifi Diamond Award.
The first time you turn the power on, you will understand what it means...
Plenty of music, details, not too much.
Carefully balanced between good bass extension and control, a detailed open midrange and a warm detailed top.
You will be able to listen to your preferred artists, as much as you can, it will be very difficult to go to bed !
Join us to the listening pleasure... !

The Classic Line:
Good design doesn’t age, and we are confident that the Classic Line will be just as relevant in thirty years time as it is today.
The Electrocompaniet Classic Line has a timeless yet distinctive aesthetic.
The design is simple, clean and understated whilst maintaining a thoroughly modern flair.
The Classic Line’s design ensures that it is equally at home in a contemporary New York apartment as in an English castle, and of course anything in between.

Fully balanced integrated amplifier:
The new ECI 6 is a powerful integrated amplifier equipped with a 4 analogue inputs.
The ECI 6 offers 2 x 125 Watts and is based on the successful ECI 5 MK II.
To enhance it, we have equipped the ECI-6 with an even better power supply and a more sophisticated preamplifier module.
As a result this ,amplifier can offer you an extremely substantial and dynamic amplifier, capable of controlling a wide range of speakers on the market.
Analogue sources can be connected to one balanced (XLR) input and three single-ended (RCA) stereo inputs.
With two preamplifier outputs, one balanced and one single ended, the ECI-6 is ready for expension.
The input stage is built from discrete circuits running in class A with zero feedback.
The output stage runs with moderate amounts of negative feedback..

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