• EMC-1 MKV
  • EMC-1 MKV
  • EMC-1 MKV
  • EMC-1 MKV
  • EMC-1 MKV


EMC-1 MKV CD player:

On demo at the shop!

If music really matters...
Everything is resumed.
The first time you turn the power on, you will understand what it means...
Just slide the smooth tray, insert your favorite cd, and enjoy the music !
Dynamic but not agressive, warm but not boomy, this is the first time we meet analog sound in a digital engine.
Unique at this price !
Join us to the listening pleasure...
The Classic Line:
Good design doesn’t age, and we are confident that the Classic Line will be just as relevant in thirty years time as it is today.
The Electrocompaniet Classic Line has a timeless yet distinctive aesthetic.
The design is simple, clean and understated whilst maintaining a thoroughly modern flair.
The Classic Line’s design ensures that it is equally at home in a contemporary New York apartment as in an English castle, and of course anything in between.

Reference CD player
Since 1998, Electrocompaniet has produced one of the best sounding CD players on the market, the EMC 1-UP.
The new EMC 1 MKIV builds upon this legacy, and refines by using a new drive unit.
The player has a high performance sample rate converter, fully balanced D/A converters and discrete analog audio circuitry for excellent performance.
It features an unique cancellation system which cancels acoustic / mechanical vibrations, preventing the laser pick-up from receiving unwanted and sonically degrading signals
The audio quality surpasses our own EMC 1 UP, arguably one of the best CD players on the market today.

Product highlights:
No-compromise mechanical design with five different housings, which shield analogue, digital, transport, transformer and controller circuitry.
Electromechanical cancellation system which cancels acoustic-mechanical vibrations, preventing the laser pickup from receiving mechanical distortions.
Separate transformers and power supplies for analogue and digital circuits.
Fully balanced D/A converter with fully balanced discrete analog audio circuitry.
Digital outputs via S/PDIF and Toslink.
12V trigger input for remote power ON.
RS232 port for firmware upgrades and control through a wide range of home installation systems.
Soundcare superspikes for the best possible footing.

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