• ECP 2 MKII


Electrocompaniet ECP 2 MKII:

On demo at the shop !

If music really matters...
Everything is resumed.
The first time you turn the power on, you will understand what it means...
Musicality at a glance;
Carefully balanced between good bass extension and control, a detailed open midrange and a warm detailed top.
You will be able to listen your preferred artists, as much as you can, it will be very difficult to go sleep !
Join us to the listening pleasure...!

The Classic Line:
Good design doesn’t age, and we are confident that the Classic Line will be just as relevant in thirty years time as it is today.
The Electrocompaniet Classic Line has a timeless yet distinctive aesthetic.
The design is simple, clean and understated whilst maintaining a thoroughly modern flair.
The Classic Line’s design ensures that it is equally at home in a contemporary New York apartment as in an English castle, and of course anything in between.

Balanced Phono Stage Preamplifier:
With the renewed international enthusiasm for the vinyl format, a world-class phono preamplifier or RIAA stage is more important in a reference setup than ever before.
The ECP-2 has become a new favourite of reviewers and enthusiasts alike. A benchmark product in its price bracket, much like other Electrocompaniet products.
It incorporates state- of-the-art instrumentation and operational amplifiers and highest quality discrete components in the signal path. Of course it is all DC coupled.
The ECP 2 can accommodate any imaginable pickup, MM or MC thanks to its extremely configurable input stage.
Ajustable gain and very strictly matched to the RIAA curve.
The ECP 2 will make your vinyl records sing like no other phono preamplifier we know of, and it seems the industry agrees with us.



€2,399.00 EUR




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