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Hifiman Edition S Open/Closed Headphones : 

HIFIMAN is an established market leader in full-size planar magnetic headphones as well as in-ear phones.
The missing piece in the puzzle has been an on-ear model. That is, until now. Enter Edition S, an on-ear model worthy of the HIFIMAN name. In the company's long established tradition of creating remarkable performance for the price, Edition S establishes a new benchmark for the others to follow.

Each Edition S is manufactured to the same stringent standards as the company's flagship models, HE1000 and Edition X.
Sleek, Savvy Design by HIFIMAN Design Team from Boston, MA USA.
Ergonomic Design
In the pursuit of Sonic Perfection

At less than one tenth of the price of the flagship models, Edition S provides a familiar "family" sound signature that HIFIMAN fans will recognize and appreciate.
50mm Dynamic Driver delivers best class sonic performance
Optimized Cavity utilizing quality materials reproduces natural sound without distortion
Asymmetrical Ear cups are designed to contour to the shape of the human ear for comfortable listening for extensive periods.

Open/Closed Back Design

HIFIMAN gives you the best of both worlds with an on-ear headphone that can go from one mode to the other simply by adding (or removing) the logo cap on the ear cup.

Style : Open/Closed Back
Frequency Response : 15Hz-22kHz
Sensitivity : 113 dB
Impedance : 18 ohms
Driver Size : 50mm
Weight : 8.74oz (248g)


Edition S ex.demo

€200.00 EUR €299.00 EUR




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