• Epicon 6 Speaker (PAIR)
  • Epicon 6 Speaker (PAIR)
  • Epicon 6 Speaker (PAIR)
  • Epicon 6 Speaker (PAIR)
  • Epicon 6 Speaker (PAIR)


Dali Epicon 6 Speaker (PAIR)

On Demo at the shop!

Belhifi Award!

The best quality gloss wood finish!

Also available in white or black satin.

Amazing sound and dynamics!

For those who want to buy B&W's, you have to visit us for a listening session.
These loudspeakers are totaly made in Danemark for a total quality control and stability of stock.
Very contrasted mid/hights and extra low end bass.
Ask for a demo, you will be very surprised!
The DALI EPICON series is built on knowledge from almost 30 years of research,
development, and manufacturing of speakers,
and on results from experimenting with both new and known technology,
the EPICON series shows just how far DALI has come in our search for natural sound reproduction.
With a visual appearance that signals exclusivity and simplicity these speakers are for the most demanding of music and movie enthusiasts.
And with a performance which is clearly DALI - taken one step further - we intend not only to meet these demands.
We will surpass them.

Allow sensational musical moments to live on in the comfort of your own home with the revolutionary EPICON 6.
Designed to make a lasting impression, the exterior of the loudspeaker is as captivating to the eye as the sound is to the ear.
The backbone of EPICON 6 is DALI’s new driver technology. Featuring two 6 ½“ bass woofers,
the unique Linear Drive Magnet System as well as the breakthrough ribbon/soft dome hybrid tweeter,
the sound breaks with traditional loudspeaker conventions.

The EPICON 6 relies on a 2½-way system as – compared to the EPICON 2 – it features an additional woofer kicking in below 600Hz.
However, for the highest frequencies the EPICON 6 also incorporates a ribbon tweeter as part of the hybrid tweeter,
in reality turning the speaker into a ‘2½ + ½-way’ construction.

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Epicon 6 Speaker (PAIR)

€9,000.00 EUR




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