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FM Acoustics FM 108-MKII

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The proprietary safeguarding systems of the larger Resolution Series are employed.
The same „zero compromise“ philosophy is evident and use of many identical components guarantees absolute excellence.
It is hand-crafted in Switzerland by the same craftsmen and craftswomen who create the renown large FM ACOUSTICS amplifiers
that are used as reference by leading artists and studios the world over.

Technical excellence is evident:
  • instead of a switched power supply- which would be small and very cheap but with the huge disadvantage of inherent current limiting -the FM 108-MKII employs a unique high-power linear ‘analogue’ supply. It is therefore completely self-contained and free from the audible disadvantages of digital power supplies.
  • Its balanced symmetrical input recognizes what type of circuitry the preceding pre-amplifier is using and automatically optimizes and balances the audio signal right at the input.
  • The FM 108-MKII is the preferred choice when ultimate audio signal fidelity, dynamic accuracy and neutrality, in short, when Resolution Series performance is required.
  • The FM 108-MKII can be placed next to a speaker or in any remote location.
  • Even when power is switched on remotely it keeps all features such as delayed turn-on, all safeguarding intelligence etc.
  • No long warm up time is required: within ten seconds from switch on it is fully operational and never sounds harsh or bright.
  • The FM 108-MKII is the power base for a discrete high performance music or AV system that will enthrall the most discerning listener.
  • It outperforms other units costing up to six times the price (and which will "provide" up to fourteen times the bulk and weight...).
  • The FM 108-MKII is a dream come true for thousands who already own an FM 122-MKII,
  • FM 133 and/or FM 155-MKII and for those who desire an unobtrusive,musically accurate single channel power amplifier of Resolution Series quality.

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