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FM Acoustics FM 123

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The FM 123 gives record collections an entirely new life.
Absolutely unique de-click and de-crackle circuits reduce or eliminate disturbing clicks, pops and crackle.
The ultimate solution in phono preamplification.

  • Unique continuously variable de-emphasis controls allow correct replay curves of any record ever issued.
  • Extremely low noise and hum levels.
  • Ultra high-accuracy RIAA de-emphasis.
  • The FM ACOUSTICS phono linearizers are the only phono preamplifier able to provide truly accurate reproduction of vinyl LP's.
  • Unlimited combinations of cartridge loading allows fine tuning to any MC or MM cartridge - now and in the future.
  • Large reserves in signal handling capability.
  • Superb analogue circuits guarantee no matching problems to other electronics.
  • Zero overall feedback or feedforward.
  • Absolutely transparent. Performance without equal.
  • Entire unit built of proprietary discrete Class A circuitry.
  • Special dynamic curve-tracer analyzed semiconductors used throughout entire unit.
  • Freedom from usual limitations: no signal degrading IC's, transformers, hybrid circuits or op-amps.
  • Proprietary technology, specialized circuitry and manufacturing methods.
  • Hand-selected, precisely matched components of DIN, IEC & MIL standard guarantee utmost accuracy and long-term stability.
  • The ultimate choice for record collectors, libraries, top class audio systems etc.No obsolescence. Modular construction guarantees easy updating.

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