• FM 411-MKIII
  • FM 411-MKIII


FM Acoustics FM 411-MKIII

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A number of ameliorations are not visible but help the performance, amongst them:
The new FM 411-MKIII employs circuit technology that is pioneered in the FM 1811 and the FM 115.

  • Total absence of any form of distortion - be it dynamic or static and even at the lowest signal levels - betters other designs by magnitudes.
  • New higher capacity power supply results in absolute linearity and even higher output power into low impedance
  • An even better inter-channel cross-talk suppression results in total separation of the channels - important in a stereo amplifier and very important when used in "vertical" bi-amplification mode.
  • Multiple refinements achieve some slight and some more noticeable improvements
  • Absolute interference rejection. No hum, RF, noise etc.
  • Hand selected high reliability components help to further increase lifetime expectancy
  • Several important power supply refinements etc.
  • With these improvements and its unique original characteristics the FM 411-MKIII will be uncontested for many years to come.

The FM 411-MKIII guarantees:
  • Music reproduction to dream of
  • Proprietary discrete circuitry using special curve-tracer analysed and hand selected semiconductors throughout.
  • Superb balanced discrete Class A input stage. Sensors automatically recognize the connection standard and perfectly balance both unbalanced and pseudo-balanced signals sources right at input
  • Tremendous headroom and reserves
  • Superb rejection of noise, hum or interference thanks to perfectly balanced inputs. Interference rejection is 100-1000 times better than other so-called "balanced" equipment.
  • Multi-protection systems for amplifier and speakers trigger the output, activate an alert and reset automatically when the error disappears.
  • No signal compression, limiting nor any other negative influence on the audio signal is possible. The protection circuits are totally separate from all audio stages.
  • 5000 V mains spike suppression
  • Outputs drive any speaker load perfectly, even very low impedance - or high capacitance - transducers
  • Unique dynamic damping of speakers results in perfect impulse response and no overhang
  • Proprietary enhanced Class A circuitry provide unmatched musicality
  • Precision low noise level controls avoid the often experienced change in tonal characteristics when changing volume level
  • Ultra low-loss FORCEPLUG 200 output connectors.
  • Tremendous output current capability as peak output current is unlimited
  • Mechanical resonance elimination with new isolation supports
  • Internal transformer is shielded. Special techniques prevent stray fields
  • Hand-selected and perfectly matched components of DIN, IEC & MIL standard
  • Each unit is hand-crafted and calibrated in Switzerland to uncontested performance standard
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