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Yamaha GT-5000:

Very simple and efficient, incredible finish, super classical look:

This deck is made for people who just want to listen to records easily, without being engineers to use it, but with a quality worthy of the high end!
Referencing the esteemed turntables of the golden age of Hi-Fi, the GT-5000 expands on this heritage in the pursuit of pure musicality.
  • Including a pure straight and short arm for absolute transparency and openness in sound,
  • balanced signal path delivering absolute purity in signal transmission and design reflective of the GT heritage and absolute quality in craftsmanship and construction,
  • the GT-5000 presents a new era on Hi-Fi from Yamaha. A sound both for the ears and the soul.
  • Balanced output achieves full balanced signal process from cartridge to speaker

GT Series design:
Straight, short arm for transparency and openness in sound:
Accurately capturing the audio from the source is the imperative first step in delivering authentic, true, Hi-Fi sound.
The flagship GT-5000 adopts a short, straight arm designed to deliver superior rigidity as well as balance of weight and mechanics which results in improved traceability.
A rigid mechanism with simple construction means there is no need for an inside force canceler weight.

Custom belt-drive mechanism (AC synchronous motor):
The customised belt-drive mechanism of the GT-5000 minimises the influence of the motor cogging and excludes feedback control for an open and smooth sound.
The original GT concept utilised the notion of internal mass to counter feedback control. This is built upon with the GT-5000 which negates feedback control through the belt-drive.

5 kg aluminium platter:
Further enhancing stability and performance is the heavy aluminium platter of the GT-5000 which weighs in at a hefty 5 kg.

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