• Helix (PAIR)
  • Helix (PAIR)
  • Helix (PAIR)
  • Helix (PAIR)
  • Helix (PAIR)
  • Helix (PAIR)
  • Helix (PAIR)
  • Helix (PAIR)
  • Helix (PAIR)
  • Helix (PAIR)


Odeon-Audio Helix (PAIR)

Belhifi Award!

On demo at the shop!

These speakers are made for those who wants realistic and relax sound character.
Efotless dynamics, natural instrument reproduction and micro details will help to enjoy your favorite music. 

With the introduction of the Helix model,
Odeon has combined latest technology in a size able to look right in all living rooms big and small.
All this combined in the smallest ODEON AUDIO three-way horn loudspeaker.
After 1992 and 2000 the Helix marks the beginning of a new era.
The Helix is a perfect match for all kind of high-quality solid state and tube amplifiers up to low power triodes like 300B.
The Helix can be used in a small listening room as well as in a large living room
with convincing outstanding midrange characteristics,
finest resolution,
as well as a seamless homogeneous reproduction.

General specifications:
Dimensions: 117,5cm (H) x 48cm (W) x 52,5cm (D) /51Kg
Frequency Range: 30-26.000hz
Sensitivity: 94db / 8 Ohms
X-over: 450hz / 2.600hz

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Helix (PAIR)

€21,600.00 EUR




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