• Hybrid Jr Speaker Cable


Stealth Hybrid Jr. Speaker Cable set van 2 x 3.0 M Ex demo van de winkel : 

Afgewerkt met de optionele Carbon banana connectors van Stealth
Nieuwprijs : 2890 euro
Nu voor : 1800 euro

About : 
The Hybrid Jr. is a smaller (simpler and thinner) version of our 2001-2005 flagship Hybrid MLT and offers most of the Hybrid MLT benefits - including the consistently phased neutral tonal balance

Specifications : 
  • solid silver (inner layers) and solid copper (outer layers) hybrid construction (no plated materials);
  • braided double outer jacket;
  • high flexibility (these cables are easy to handle, bend, and install);
  • integrated strain relief for the terminated ends;
  • advanced anti-skin-effect geometry;
  • standard termination: ultra light gold plated beryllium copper Z-banana plugs, or Cardas Rhodium-over-silver plated spade lugs.


Hybrid Jr Speaker Cable

€1,800.00 EUR




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