• Impact X 10-12
  • Impact X 10-12
  • Impact X 10-12
  • Impact X 10-12


Velodyne Impact X 10-12

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These powerful subwoofers combine efficient front-firing drivers
with a down-firing or rear-firing bass reflex port.
The Impact X series creates a lasting impression with amazing low frequency sound.
The subwoofers’ attractive MDF enclosure in black and white finish also blends beautifully with modern interiors.
The music and home theater experience in specific from the smallest possible package
benefits enormously from the completely redesigned 10- and 12-inch drivers,
which set new standards in this price range. A highly efficient Class D amplifier,
along with core technologies from Velodyne Acoustics,
minimizes distortion and makes amazing bass performance possible.
Now, a 15-inch subwoofer also expands the Impact X line.
It features a special flow-optimized rear slot design that is used as a bass reflex.
With a lower frequency limit of 19 Hertz and 9 DSP modes that also bring room modes under control,
it is especially designed for demanding home theater applications and large living rooms.

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Impact X 10-12

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