• Gold-Silver Direct RCA


Levin Design Gold-Silver Direct RCA Cable : 

To achieve a high quality reproduction of music within the sound chain Levin Design developed a new RCA plug made of lightweight carbon fiber mixed with a Gold - Silver direct RCA cable that launched them right into High End segment.

The advantage of this Gold - Silver Direct RCA cable are its pure silver contacts with a symmetrical cable construction which the Gold - Silver inner conductor leads directly to the RCA sockets / contacts of the connected audio devices. This Gold - Silver Direct RCA Cable prevents signal distortion thanks to its direct connection allowing it to avoids signal being routed through different materials.

The Gold - Silver Direct RCA 0,5 cm and can be equipped with custom XLR connector or made to custom length if necessary (on request only).

Levin Design

Gold-Silver Direct RCA

€1,960.00 EUR




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