• Lotus 10 (PAIR)
  • Lotus 10 (PAIR)
  • Lotus 10 (PAIR)


Cube Audio Lotus 10 (PAIR)

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New 1.5 way design from Cube, wide band with bass increase!

In the Lotus 10 loudspeakers we have used a new generation Cube Audio full range driver.
It features a redesigned magnetic circuit giving exceptional impulse response and ultra-low distortion.
We redesigned membrane geometry and introduced a new top suspension and a new type of coil carcass.
The lowest registers of the Lotus 10 loudspeaker, together with the full range driver, are reproduced by a woofer designed for sound uniformity. The membrane material and coating in both speakers are twinned. 
The drivers operate in a unique 1.5-way arrangement.
The speakers are equipped with a 4-position switch for adjusting the full range speaker.
Position 3 of the switch allows listening without any correction, position 0,1,2 correct the bandwidth by 1,5 dB each respectively.

General specifications:
Impedance: 6 Ohm
Max power: 60 W
Efficiency: 89-95 dB (depending on filter position)
Frequency response: 25 Hz - 20kHz ( 6dB in "0" switch position)*
​Dimensions:  30 x 53 x 105 cm
Weight: 50 Kg

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Lotus 10 (PAIR)

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