• Nenuphar V2 (PAIR)
  • Nenuphar V2 (PAIR)
  • Nenuphar V2 (PAIR)
  • Nenuphar V2 (PAIR)
  • Nenuphar V2 (PAIR)
  • Nenuphar V2 (PAIR)


Cube Audio Nenuphar V2 (PAIR):


On demo at the shop!

Nenuphar has been updated to version 2

The first time you listen to it, you will understand the advantage of Single wideband speaker in a TQWT charge...
Phase correct, detailed with controled energy at all frequencies.
In fact, treble and bass are made from the same cone.
The result is a "real live sound" impression.

Cube Audio Nenuphar is based on Cube Audio F10 Neo speaker:
State of art fullrange drivers combined with very effective TQWT enclosure result in real extraordinary experience.
Modern, elegant design and high quality black or white piano finish makes the loudspeaker a beautiful addition to every style of interior.
All drivers and loudspeakers are hand assembled in Poland. Pursuing highest quality and longevity,
manufacturing process involves both artisan craftsmanship and modern precise computer controlled CNC machines.

The Wideband speaker:
Why and how do they do it:
"We believe that fullrange speakers can create an illusion of live music that multiway loudspeakers struggle to match."
Amazing soundstage, absolute holography, magical midrange, open and direct sound that gives you the most emotional presentation possible of your favourite music.
If you have ever heard a good implementation of a fullrange speaker, you know exactly what we are talking about.
We are very happy with the performance of Cube Audio 8" drivers.
Plenty of positive feedback from our happy customers, very enthusiastic reviews, but there still was this ... "we should do more".
they knew that if they wanted to go into "even more fullrange regions", they would have to increase the size of the driver.
The answer was 10" design, and it happened to be a very good choice.
First of all, the size increase is meaningful enough so that it really makes a difference, but on the other hand we had to overcome plenty of traps placed by mother nature.
Physics is heartless and it really did everything it could to play with us "the hard way".

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Nenuphar V2 (PAIR)

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