• Precision Monitor 4 (PAIR)
  • Precision Monitor 4 (PAIR)
  • Precision Monitor 4 (PAIR)
  • Precision Monitor 4 (PAIR)


Avalon Acoustics Precision Monitor 4 (PAIR)

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Welcome to the perfection of true high-end hifi!
Avalon pushes it to the extreme by keeping in mind the musicality and ease of a simple approach, using proven recipes!

Keep it simple, using extremely precise solutions...
Absolutely worth listening to first!

The Precision Monitor range perfectly illustrates this concept,
putting into practice an extraordinary experience,
with impeccable technical quality,
using sorted and high quality components...

  • Silent inert cabinet
  • Pistonic wavefront + smooth open lobing
  • Stored energy elimination technology
  • No capacitive & inductive for less amplification problems
  • Driver matched
  • Wide polar response
  • constant impedance characteristics for more linear matching amplifiers
  • Phase correct
  • Constrained-mode damping system absorbs cabinet vibrations
  • And so more!

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Avalon Acoustics

Precision Monitor 4 (PAIR)

€99,950.00 EUR




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