• Rena S-2 Network player
  • Rena S-2 Network player
  • Rena S-2 Network player
  • Rena S-2 Network player


Electrocompaniet Rena S-2 Network player:

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Small sized and well constructed very musical streamer!
The RENA S-1 is a easy solution for upgrading your existing system with next-generation audio streaming.
It provides a way to connect directly to your existing amplifier,
whilst still having the possibility to add wireless speakers later.
All this makes the RENA S-1 the most affordable and future-proof way to step into EC Living.
This add-on solution is a small start and can grow and expand in the direction that you want it to.
Add a SIRA L-1 subwoofer to upgrade your system with more punch,
or add TANA L-1 add-on speaker to either add more channels or replace your existing system (without cables!) .

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Rena S-2 Network player

€649.00 EUR




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