• Semper (PAIR)
  • Semper (PAIR)
  • Semper (PAIR)
  • Semper (PAIR)
  • Semper (PAIR)
  • Semper (PAIR)
  • Semper (PAIR)
  • Semper (PAIR)


Odeon-Audio Semper (PAIR)

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These "not so big" speakers are made for those who wants realistic and relax sound character.

Efortless dynamics, natural instrument reproduction and micro details will help to enjoy your favorite music. 
A full range 3 way with a modern sculptural design:
The 1.35m high ODEON AUDIO Semper is the second largest model of the ODEON AUDIO product range.
It can be easily integrated into any room.
With its large spherical horns and its 13″ woofer,
the Semper generates enormous dynamics, resolute bass and highest resolution possible
for music reproduction with the intensity and liveliness of live performances.
Compared to its predecessor models, the Semper achieves an increased efficiency of 95db.
It can be combined with all amplifier types: High-quality solid states and tube amplifiers
as well as low power triodes (such as 300B) drive the Semper with ease.

General specifications:
Dimensions: 135cm (H) x 55cm (W) x 60,5cm (D) /84Kg
Frequency Range: 28-28.000hz
Sensitivity: 96db / 8 Ohms
X-over: 340hz / 2.400hz

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Semper (PAIR)

€35,990.00 EUR




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