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Origin Live Silver tonearm

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The Best tonearm you can get at this price!

When launched in 2002, the Silver Tonearm received widespread acclaim for outperforming high-end arms at a fraction of the cost. Hailed by the editor of Hi-Fi World as the best arm he’d ever heard, the Silver set the benchmark for our cost-effective designs that overtook both the SME and Ekos arms in performance.

The Silver Tonearm has a wide range of strengths which make it a great all-rounder.
Highly musical, it tracks dynamics accurately and gets right into the groove of the music.
You will expect to hear improved speed,
dynamics and separation in the music over the Onyx due to its sophisticated tonearm tube design.
The Silver also includes a higher grade external cable which improves bass weight in comparison to the Onyx.
It has a natural tonal balance with excellent transparency and fine performance at both frequency extremes.

“This is probably the best tonearm in the world right now, and the price tag is laughably low.
If Mark Baker put this in a fancy box and hired a flashy PR,
he could probably charge five times this amount.” Hi-Fi World

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