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Origin Live SME Adaptor

SME Turntables Mounting Plate for all Origin Live and Rega tonearms

Included four bolds and nuts, four 8mm riser spacer tubes.

Origin Live Adaptor plate to mount all Origin Live and older style (not 3 point mount) Rega arms to any SME armboard mount.
The top of the Origin Live arm plate adaptor sits at 10mm above the surface it is mounted on.
This height can be a problem in raising the arm too high.
You will normaly need at least 29mm between the top of the platter (including mat) and the top of the arm plate adaptor.
Put another way - if you start with the height of an armboard without the Origin Live adaptor,
it needs to be 10 + 23mm = 33mm or more below the top of the platter, for the arm to fit happily using the Origin Live armplate adaptor.
The adaptor plate is made of 3mm thick Stainless steel.

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