• Sovereign S Mk5


Origin Live Sovereign S MK5

"S" for the “Sovereign Special” Platter

The Sovereign Special differs from the Sovereign MK4 by virtue of its remarkably upgraded multi-layer platter.

As a rule, the closer a part is to the cartridge the more it affects the performance.
You can’t get much closer to the cartridge than the platter and this is where a lot of the magic happens in the highest performing decks.

This particular version of the Multilayer platter features some of the key components present in the top of the range Voyager turntables.

The result is a huge increase in detail, dynamics and clarity.
Music comes alive in a way rarely heard even among the highest end decks.
This version of the Sovereign is a highly worthwhile acquisition over the standard Sovereign.

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Origin Live

Sovereign S Mk5

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