• ST-50 stylus cleaner
  • ST-50 stylus cleaner
  • ST-50 stylus cleaner


DS Audio ST-50 stylus cleaner:

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The ST-50’ s cleaning gel is made of a urethane resin developed specially for the purpose of atmospheric micro-dust control in clean rooms.
Extremely effective cleaning properties are required to meet the specified standards for such applications.
The ST-50 gives you the very best in stylus cleaning performance.
Many stylus cleaners apply excessive force to the stylus and cantilever during the cleaning process.
The DS Audio ST-50 cleans your stylus at the tracking force set on the tone arm.

Washable Urethane Cleaning Gel!!!
The DS Audio ST-50 gives you the best stylus cleaning performance every time. The urethane gel is washable and re-usable.
Simply rinse it gently under tap water and let it dry for 30 minutes at room temperature.
Its cleaning performance will be completely renewed.

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ST-50 stylus cleaner

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