• TA-1 12" Tonearm
  • TA-1 12" Tonearm
  • TA-1 12" Tonearm
  • TA-1 12" Tonearm
  • TA-1 12" Tonearm


Sorane TA-1 12" Tonearm

On demo at the shop!

These tonearms are now great classics, both visually and qualitatively.
Japanese quality at an affordable price!

Cylinder base optionnal in scroll menu

Detachable headshells to allow quick changes of cartridges, the adoption of various mass headshells
the key to tonearm quality is highly sensitive and delicate motion, for which the bearings are the determining factor.
Machine-tooled and hand-assembled by skilled Japanese craftsmen.
precise and clean sound, which can only be had from hand-made tonearms, but at a very reasonable price with these arms.
Gimbal-bearing designs for excellent bass, dynamics and imaging, as well as unconditional azimuth stability

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TA-1 12" Tonearm

€2,200.00 EUR




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