• Achilles 300B (PAIR)
  • Achilles 300B (PAIR)
  • Achilles 300B (PAIR)



Tsakiridis Achilles 300B (PAIR) : 

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Belhifi Award for high sensitivity loudspeakers.

Achilles is a small monoblock class A triode amplifier with superior sound performance.
It needs a sensitive speaker as a load but it will amaze you with its performance.
A beautiful small size amplifier for many relaxing music hours.


Achilles, Power Amplifier pair , 2 x 8 Watt, (2 x 300B, 2 x 6SL7, 2 x 6L6).

Achiles Ultima Power Amplifier pair, 2 x 8 watt ( 2 x 300B PSVANE, 2x 6SL7 NOS, 2 x 6L6 JJ ) Ultima transformers, Mundorf capacitors,


  • Monoblock Construction.
  • Triode Class A Operation.
  • Zero Feedback.
  • Matched Input & Output Tubes Between Channels.
  • Hand Wired Construction.
  • Power Supply Capacitors United Chemicon.
  • Porcelain Tube Bases.
  • Hand Made Ultralinear Multi Layer Output Transformers.
  • Toroidal Power Transformers.
  • High Grade Polypropylene Signal Capacitors.
  • Metal Film Resistors with Low Tolerance 1%.
  • Custom Gold Plated Input Connectors.
  • WBT Next Gen Output Connectors WBT.
  • Five Years Guarantee.

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Achilles 300B (PAIR)

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