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Tsakiridis Artemis : 

When musicality is all that matters Artemis is what you need.
An amplifier with high sound performance that will give you hours of pleasant listening to your favorite music.
Artemis is the only amplifier of this series that is not in monoblock construction.
It is all in one chassis dual-mono construction.
It is in class AB1 push pull configuration.


Artemis, Power Amplifier, 2 x 35 Watt, (4 x EL 34, 4 x 12AT7).

Artemis Plus, Power Amplifier, 2 x 45 Watt, (4 x 6550, 4 x 12AT7).


  • Dual Mono Construction.
  • Triode - Pendode Switchable Operation.
  • Switchable Amount of Feedback (6dB / 9dB).
  • Matched Input & Output Tubes.
  • Power Supply Capacitors United Chemicon.
  • Porcelain Tube Bases.
  • Double Face Printing Circuit with Separate Signal & Power Path.
  • Hand Made Ultralinear Multi Layer Output Transformers.
  • High Grade Polypropylene Signal Capacitors.
  • Metal Film Resistors with Low Tolerance 1%.
  • Custom Gold Plated Input Connectors.
  • WBT Next Gen Output Connectors.
  • Five Years Guarantee.

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