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Not only for vintage electronics lovers!!!

RE-Discover the real american sound style!

JBL TT350 Classic turntable
A record player should of course not be missing in the Classic line up. With the TT350,
JBL treats us to a wonderful turntable for record lovers.

A walnut base plinth, heavy aluminum platter and curved arm with pre-installed Audio Technica Moving Magnet Cartridge not only look sleek and JBL Classic,
but also pick every musical detail out of the groove. For purists,
that cartridge is also easy to upgrade or replace when desired or necessary.
The Direct Drive motor provides a perfect speed, selectable between 33.3 and 45rpm. A sensor keeps a close eye on that rotation speed.
Special, adjustable feet with integrated damping ensure stable positioning.
The music signal finds its way to the output via a pair of RCA connections on the rear, with which the TT350 can easily be connected to a phono stage.
Or directly to the phono input of the SA550 of course for a super cool audio system.

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