• Ultimate EX-4D
  • Ultimate EX-4D
  • Ultimate EX-4D
  • Ultimate EX-4D
  • Ultimate EX-4D
  • Ultimate EX-4D


Zyx Ultimate EX-4D

" EX " for Exceed...

New "Exceed" 2023 series cartridges equipped with the newly developed "One-point ground terminal, dual output system"

Choose your version in the sroll menu for wiring type!
In the new Ultimate Exceed series of cartridges, there are two coil types – crystal copper and gold/silver alloy.
Enjoy the unique, delicate, mellow and wide-band sound that combines the merits of gold and silver.

ZYX 4D cartridges are provided with:
  • New gold plated terminals
  • Silver BASE ( +1 Grm in total the weight) Expanded dynamics
  • ZYX Nuts ( + 0.2 Gm in the total weight ) Easy to install, more details

We can provide 1 OHM version for 10% extra price!

The new "Ultimate EX" series uses a carbon composite material
instead of boron for the cantilever.
The new carbon cantilever is made from 1000 pieces of carbon fiber,
hence the name C-1000.
The physical characteristics and playback performance are excellent.

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Ultimate EX-4D

€4,090.00 EUR




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