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Entreq Vibbeaters

On demo at the shop!

These mouses prefers eating magnetic fields than cheese!!!

The Apollo version is made of another mix more efficient, more expensive!

What they do!

If you remember your basic Physics lessons you will know that you cannot get rid of energy but simply convert it into another form. This is a fundamental law of physic's and of course nature.
We have choosen a route that converts un-wanted energy into heat,as this is the least harmful to our precious musical signal.
The ‘Vibb eater’ work on three specific fronts.
1. Through its weight it gives further stability to the speaker cabinet itself.
2. The vibrations and fields that are generated in the speaker box are most intense at the top of the speaker where the energy cannot go any further.
When placing a Vibb eater’ on top of the speaker you are in essence extending the length of the speaker box to a critical point outside of the cabinet.
The key is that that energy is no longer a part of the speaker itself. The Vibbeaters then simply absorb the energy and transforms it in to heat.
3. The magnetic characteristics that make-up the ‘Vibb eaters’ granular mixture can have a very positive impact on the fields generated in and around
 the loudspeaker itself.   
In summary the treble tones become cleaner and free from the overtone distortion's of a vibrating baffle.
The bass becomes quicker, tighter and with a deeper more textured sound.
Above all the sound picture is widened which should give you a more precise position in width,depth and altitude.
Last but not least there should now be a flow and a calm in the sound.
With its special sand mixture they offer higher stability to the chassis of the equipment. While also absorbing vibrations.
In addition the ‘Vibb eater’ also neutralises a part of the magnetic field from the electronic equipment.
You will always have to experiment to find the optimal position for the ‘Vibb eater’ but we usually find the best place to start is closest to the power cable in-let or the products transformer.

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